Giorgia Mocilnik (Trieste, 1990) lives temporarily in Italy. She received her Degree in Painting and Visual Arts in NABA (2014).
Daughter of a baker, mad of social insects she matchs her artist practice working with people from different kind of fields.
After her studies she started to develop an interest in food culture, insect architectures, and bees. Always looking for new experiences and for new collaborations around the World.  
Her works have been shown in Australia, Italy, Peru and Guatemala.


Group Exhibitions
2017  | El declives de las abejas y retos para la su conservación - Antigua Guatemala, GCA
          | Misterios, secretos y maravillas de los insectos sociales - Suchiche Gallery - Tarapoto, PE
2013  | MiArt curated by Adrian Paci and Emma Ciceri, Fieramilanocity - Milan, IT
2012  | Barbarie cutated by Adrian Paci and Marcello Maloberti, Fabbrica del Vapore - Milan, IT
          | On Display dalla produzione all'esposizione  curated by Elvira Vannini, Naba - Milan, IT

Solo Exhibitions
2016  | Pane+Miele - Mega - Milan, IT
          | Bread+Honey - HotelHotel - Canberra, AUS
2015  | Interconnessioni - Minanoie - Melbourne, AUS

Related Professional Practice
2018 | Volunteering at Liberi di Volare(research,protection,rehabilitation&reintroduction of swifts and swallows) -Trieste, IT
2017  | Volunteering at Centro URKU - Tarapoto, PE
          | Assistant Beekeeper (Apidae melliponini) for Marilena Marconi, Centro Urku - Tarapoto, PE
2016  | Assistant Beekeeper (Apiis mellifera) for PianoBee - Cesena, IT
2015  | Assistant Beekeeper (Apiis mellifera) for HoneyFingers - Melbourne, AUS
2013  | Performer for 'Voglia Matta' by Marcello Maloberti - Italian Pavillon Vice versa, Biennale di Venezia, IT


Participation to Residencies - Courses - Seminaries - Congreses

• "Landxcapes. Arte,narrazione,paesaggio " organzed by Bjcem. Puglia, ottobre 2018 (coming soon) 

• "X Congreso Mesoamericano sobre Abejas Nativas".  Antigua Guatemala, GCA. 20-24/11/17
 "XI Coloquio IUSSI - Seccion Andina y del Caribe". Organized by IUSSI in collaboration with URKU Estudios Amazónicos   and Agricultural faculty of San Martin. University National San Martin of Tarapoto, PE. 7-11/08/17
• "The bee for the safeguarding of biodiversity". Organized by project “Mediterranean CooBEEration. San Giovanni in Monte of the University of Bologna, IT. 10/04/17
• "Incontra le api! - urban beekeeping" Organized by Antonio Barletta (UrBees) and Andrea Bajardi. PAV - Torino, IT. 15/04/18
• "Introduzione alla sistematica degli artropodi terrestri". Organized by Gruppo Entomologico Toscano. La Specola - Florence, IT. 2-5/05/17
• "Nella mente delle Beezzzz, le cose insospettabili che sanno fare le api". Organized by Greenpeace Trieste Local Group, curated by Cinzia Chiandetti. Trieste, IT. 18/04/17