Social Solitaries

                         collages printed on cotton paper, various dimensions, pins and entomological box

The insect class represents the animal group that has had the most evolutionary success on planet Earth, colonizing every kind of habitat on all continents. The reasons for their evolutionary success lies in their anatomy, high reproductive rate, and ability to adapt rapidly to environmental changes. "Social Soliraries" is a series of collages formed by assemblies of animal architectures such as termite mounds, beehives, bird nests, and anthills that blend together building more complex, effective and extraordinary living structures than existing ones. These assemblies are an example of a cohabitation & collaboration between evolved species, who nowadays are not always enemies as most of the time we think, but they can be really good collaborators. Some species live close to each other creating a kind of benefit through possible substance that they can create, or products that they can make or just be more secure from predators with the other presence.

Social Solitaries had the chance to be presented for the opening of "XI Congress of the International Union for Study of Social Insects" (Andean- Caribbean Section) in Tarapoto, Peru 2017.


Species used up to now : Apis mellifera, Apis cerana, Apis dorsata, Atzeca spp. (ants), Polyrhachis spp. (ants), Crematogaster spp. (ants)Philetairus Socius, Nasutitermes spp. (termites), Philetairus socius (birds)..