Versatilidad Antigua y Futura

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The "Versatilidad Antigua y Futura" project is a crowdfunding initiative to be able to participate as an artist, but also as a spectator, to the X Congresso Mesoamericano sobra Las Abejas Nativas in Guatemala.

There, I would be presenting the first series of sculptures made of corn and native bees products (cerumen, propoli, honey, pollen...), dedicated to the role these products have been playing for millennia. A fundamental role in the history of man's diet and survival.  The works are based on the study of these items versatility and their biological and cultural importance. 

My study on the connection between bees and food was born a few years ago in Australia, as I first came into contact with the world of beekeeping and the european honeybee, Apis mellifera. The project continued at a later date also in Italy. My experience in Latin America is an evolution of this study, whose subject are a different tribe of bees - the stingless bees native of the South American continent - and a cereal, corn, an iconic food of native culture. 

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